Pathfinder Fundraising


Welcome to the Fundraising Page
for the Pisgah Scorpions Pathfinders!

We profoundly THANK YOU for helping our club get to the "CHOSEN" International Pathfinder Camporee;
taking place in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, August 2019!

Current & Planned FundraisersFund-O-Meter
  • Yankee Candle - Mar 10
  • Pancake Brunch - Apr 21
  • Spaghetti Dinners (Pre-orders) - Coming March
  • Flower Power - Garden Bulbs, Seeds & Edibles - March/April
  • DoubleGood - Gormet Flavored Popcorn - April
  • Car Wash - May/June
  • Yard Sale - June/July
  • Five Below - May 11-17
  • Silver Diner / iHop - May/June
  • Ice Cream Social - May/June
  • Spare Change - Ongoing
  • Puzzle Funding - Ongoing
  • Ice Skating / Roller Skating - TBD
  • Pool Party / Talent Show / Game Truck / Ledo's Pizza / Cookie Dough - TBD
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Thank You For Helping Us Reach Our Fundraising Goals!


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 History of Pathfinder Camporees.

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The Pisgah Scorpions Pathfinder Club is under the Allegheny East Conference (AEC);
which is within the Columbia Union; which is part of the National American Division (NAD) of Seventh-day Adventists.

To learn more about the Allegheny East Conference Pathfinders,
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Thank You For Visting.